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ISO 14064 Certification

ISO 14064 is an offset protocol. It is an independent, voluntary GHG project accounting standard, and is deliberately policy neutral. The ISO 14064 standard consists of three parts. The first part (14064-1) specifies requirements for designing and developing organisation or entity-level GHG inventories. The second part (14064-2) details requirements for quantifying, monitoring and reporting emission reductions and removal enhancements from GHG projects. The third part (14064-3) provides requirements and guidance for the conducting of GHG information validation and verification.

Unlike the GHG Project Protocol, which has specific guidelines on what tools and accounting methods to use, ISO 14064 gives guidance on what to do but doesnot spell out the exact requirements. The requirements are usually spelled out only in general terms. For example, ISO points out that additionality needs to be taken into account but does not require a specific tool or additionality test to be used. These would be defined by the GHG programme or regulation under which ISO 14064 is used. ISO 14064 does not focus on co-benefits.

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