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What is Halal Certification?

What is LPPOM MUI INDONESIA HALAL, HAS 23000 HALAL Certification?

Halal Certification is a recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law. These products are thus edible, drinkable or usable by Muslims. Halal certification from an established Islamic organisation helps to build Halal consumer’s confidence without suspicion or doubt over the consumption of the food products. It is an authoritative and reliable testimony to support food manufacturers’ claim that their products have met strict Halal requirement by the Shariah Law.

The certified Halal food products are not only accepted domestically but are marketable to worldwide Halal consumers. This opens an opportunity for export markets specially those markets which do not permit entry of non-Halal food product. Moreover Halal products are not only welcomed by Muslim consumers but by non-Muslim consumers as well as Halal certificate represents high level of hygiene, cleanliness, safety, nutrition and is produced stringently under the requirements of the Islamic Dietary Law.

It is estimated that 70% of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide follow Halal food standards, and that the global Halal market is currently estimated USD $600 billion. Today, Halal trademark is an important marketing tool in the international arena particularly if the product is aimed at penetrating Muslim countries. Muslim consumers will have greater confidence in purchasing such products without questioning its authenticity. Producers who do not have the Halal certification would lose a large segment of potential customers from around the world. In addition, the Halal certification is also required by an importer to the country.

Why is Halal certification important?

Halal Certification is virtually mandatory by few countries consumers. Consumers in countries like Middle East, SaudiArabia, Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia etc.

Indonesia and Malaysia are among such countries where food product import without MUI Halal or JAKIM Halal is not allowed. Food, Drug and Cosmetic product exporters must be certified to MUI Halal and JAKIM Halal before exporting to Indonesia and Malaysia.

What is the difference between Kosher and Halal?

Kosher and Halal both are religious product certifications. Kosher Certification follows Jewish religious guidelines whereas Halal Certification requirements are based on Islamic Shariat.

How do I get a Halal certificate?

What are the Steps to Proceed and How to Achieve Halal / MUI Halal Certification?

Step 1: You need to apply for MUI Halal certification submitting predefined application form. Email us you requirement to send you application form

Step 2: MUI Halal certification application requires details about product, product compositions, ingredients, additives and processing aid to manufacture food products. Need to provide suppliers of ingredients, additives and processing aid with their relevant HALAL certification if they have.

Step 3: Application details are evaluated against MUI HALAL Certification requirement for possible cross contamination from non-Halal/ Haram / Najis ingredients. Queries and further documents may be asked to justify MUI HALAL Certification requirements is met with.

Step 4: Food Products with non-Halal/ Haram or Najis ingredients can not be certified for MUI HALAL Certification. Also excluding non-Halal / Haram or Najis certification food products may have implication to clearly segregate entire production line from HALAL Certification applied products.

Step 5: Once desktop audit is confirmed and required fees is paid for MUI HALAL certification, physical audit at site is planned for MUI HALAL Certification.

Step 6: After successful on-site audit for MUI HALAL Certification to check applied products on-site, audit report is further processed, samples may be collected or sent for testing.

Step 7: After due processing time, MUI HALAL Certification may be issued with HAS (Halal Assurance Status) certificate.

Halal Certification Consultancy

Is consultant required to get Halal Certificate?

LPPOM MUI HALAL Certification is a specific HALAL Certification meant for exporters entering in Indonesia Market. MUI HALAL Certification requires rigorous implementation and documentation as per HAS 23000 standard. addwise can help you obtain HALAL Certification as per MUI HALAL HAS 23000 for Indonesia market.

Who we are as Halal Certification Consultancy?

addwise alone have successfully completed 32 MUI Halal Certification Projects and addwise is the only consultancy firm highly recognised and accepted by BPJPH and LPPOM auditors from Indonesia.

addwise provides consultancy for Halal India Certification, Jammait Halal Certification, JAKIM Halal Certification for Malaysia, MUI HALAL Certification and other International HALAL Certifications.

What we Offer?

addwise is an approved MUI HALAL Certification Consultant to help Food Industries assess and obtain MUI HALAL Certification from Reputed HALAL CERTIFICATION agencies.

addwise can train Food Industry on MUI HALAL Certification requirements and help obtain MUI HALAL Certification.

  • One to One & personal attention rather than pure professional approach.
  • 100% client retained till today.
  • In-time project completion for all the projects handled till today.
  • Team includes Lead Auditors, industry experts and Approved Consultants.
  • We don’t make client follow up for their project rather we follow up client for project execution.
  • Client services for LIFE TIME not only up to project completion.
  • Hence 100% client satisfactions at all the times.
  • addwise believes that implementation of system is more important than no. of visit.
  • Confidentiality is strictly maintained during and after implementation of project.

addwise can help you develop, implement HALAL Certification system and attain HALAL certification from reputed HALAL certification body. addwise is preferred consultancy organisation by reputed HALAL certification bodies.

List of MUI HALAL Certified Clients

EID Perry, Cargill India, Gujarat Ambuja, Everest Starch, Suruchi Dairy, Deepak Nitrite  etc.

Please feel free to email us on to get full client list.

How to apply for MUI Halal Certification

addwise can help you obtain fast, easy and cost effective HALAL Certification from reputed HALAL Certification Agencies.

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Contact: Girish Sharma

addwise – +91 99789 40673

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How to apply for Halal Certification?

Click here to get free quote or email us on

Contact: Girish Sharma

addwise – +91 99789 40673

GET FREE QUOTE for Fast, Easy and Cost Effective Halal Certification