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What is FoSTaC Training?

What is the FoSTaC training?

Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) is an initiative by FSSAI whereby food safety trainings are conducted for target groups in the food business to maximize knowledge and awareness of food safety regulations and policies to ensure food safety and hygiene. It is a mandatory requirement of FSSAI and as per requirement all licensed food businesses must have at least one trained and certified Food Safety Supervisor under FoSTaC for every 25 food handlers in each premises.

Is FoSTaC training mandatory?

Food Safety Training and Certification (FOSTAC) FSSAI had made Training mandatory of all Central and State Licensed FBOs under FSS Act, 6th Oct.’ 2017. Each Food Business Operator, exceeding specified head count needs to have at least one trained & certified person in their business premises to ensure food safety.

How can I become a FSSAI trainer FOSTAC Trainer?

Trainers will be identified by the training Partners for the various training courses and will undergo training and certification by National Level Resources Person (NLRPs) or State Level Resources Person (SLRPs) in Training or Trainers programs. They will be responsible for providing trainings to the target group of FoSTaC. Eligibility Criteria for Trainer: Basic Level (Educational Qualification: Minimum graduate in Science/Food Technology/Dairy Technology.

What is a food safety supervisor certificate?

Training of food handlers is a pre-requisite for ensuring food safety and the same is also mandated in the FSS Act, 2006. Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has set up Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC) ecosystem to ensure widespread and effective delivery of training to food businesses across the value chain. This ecosystem will train and certify the Food Safety Supervisor from each Food Establishment as it is envisaged to make this a regulatory requirement.

How do I become a food safety supervisor? 

Section 16 (3) (h) of Food Safety & Standard Act mandates that Food Authority shall ensure training of Food Business Operator. In this line, FSSAI has developed training ecosystem which will create trained food handlers who will be called as Food Safety Supervisor. There should be at least one trained and certified Food Safety Supervisor (on maximum 25 employees) in each Food Service Industry. Prior to making this requirement a mandate, FSSAI has developed a robust Training Ecosystem called Food Safety Training & Certification (FoSTaC). Under the FoSTaC, there are two levels of Training i.e. basic & advanced. The basic level training is for small establishment while advanced level training is for big establishment where systems are more complex. Any person who are in business or intend to become involved in food business, student or food professionals can be the certified Food Safety Supervisor.

How do I get a FoSTaC certificate?

All food businesses having Central Licenses or State Licenses should have at least one trained and certified food safety supervisor for every 25 food-handlers or part thereof on all their premises. The food safety supervisors will be certified & trained under FoSTaC.

How many types of certification Programs are available under FoSTaC?

17 types of Competence based certification programs are available under FoSTaC. Duration of each course is of 8 to 12 hours spreading over 1 to 2 days. Course have been developers by domain experts and visited by expert committee of FSSAI. Training manuals are based on general hygiene or manufacturing practices as detailed under schedule 4 of FSS Regulation courses have been divided into following 3 levels.

BASIC: Basic level certification are meant for food business. Duration of each course is of 4 hours. Course are: – (1) Street Food Vending, (2) Catering, (3) Manufacturing / Processing, (4) Storage & Transport, and (5) Retail & Distribution

ADVANCE: Advanced courses and certification are for State & Central Licensed food business. Duration of each course is 8 hours. Course are: – (1) Catering (2) Manufacturing / Processing, (3) Storage & Transport, and (5) Retail & Distribution

SPECIAL: Special course have been developed for high risk food business or the food business which require special attention. Duration of special course is 8-12 hours. Spread over 1-2 days. Course are: – (1) Milk & Milk Products, (2) Meat & Poultry, (3) Fish & Sea Food, (4) Packaged Water, (5) Bakery (Level 1), (6) Bakery (Level 2), (7) Edible Oil and Fat, (8) Health Supplement.

FoSTaC Training Process

What is required for FSSAI/FoSTaC Training?

Aadhar card, mobile and email id is mandatory for Fssai/FoSTaC Training Registration purpose.

Eligibility Criteria required for this training purpose is as below:

An individual who meets the eligibility criteria for training can enroll for the course. However, the trainees shall be awarded ‘Food Safety Supervisor’s Certificate’ from Fssai after completion of training and assessment for they course enrolled.


  1. Matriculate with 6-month experience in relevant sector.
  2. Completed/pursuing post-graduate in food science/nutrition/hospitality or other allied field OR Completed/pursuing final year of under-graduation in food science/nutrition/hospitality or other allied fields.


  1. Graduate in science with 1-year of experience in a supervisory role in the relevant sector OR Graduate in non-science discipline with 2-years of experience in a supervisory role in the relevant sector.
  2. Students or other individuals intending to enter into the food business, can attend training. If they are pursuing final year of under-graduation in food science/nutrition/hospitality or other allied field OR Completed/pursuing final year of under-graduation in food science/nutrition/hospitality or other allied fields with an exposure to industrial training/experience of a minimum 6 weeks in the relevant sector.


What are the Steps to Proceed and How to Achieve FSSAI/FoSTaC Training?

The entire food safety training is being managed through the FoSTaC Portal. Therefore, it is very essential to understand the procedure for certification.

  • Trainees can enroll for one or multiple course as per their requirements. Trainees need to enter their Aadhar no., mobile no., date of birth and his/her full name and other basic details to create their login id / credentials.
  • Trainees need to select appropriate training center and course from the list of scheduled training for particular course near to his/her on their suitable date to generate Roll no. as well as hall ticket by using their login id/credentials.
  • Trainee attendance during face to face training is validated only after the assessor marks live attendance on the FoSTaC portal during training session.
  • At the end of the training session trainees need to attend examination and 50% marks to be secured by the trainees.
  • Assessor needs to upload the marks secured by the trainees on FoSTaC Portal.
  • Once assessor updated result as pass/fail on FoSTaC Portal, trainees who qualifies in exam will have received feedback message on their registered mobile no.
  • After giving feedback by the trainees the certificate will be generated and trainees can download their certificates by using their login id/credentials.
  • Thus, you can achieve Fssai/FoSTaC Training Certificate.
  • This FoSTaC training certificate is valid for two years from the date of certificate.

Who we are as FSSAI/FoSTaC Training Partner?

addwise is an Approved training partner with FOSTAC and addwise have pool of competent and certified FOSTAC Trainers to deliver training.

Mr. Girish Sharma is NLRP (National Level Resource Person) for Advance Manufacturing/Processing registered with FOSTAC.

addwise provides FOSTAC Training services in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Junagadh, Surendranagar, Mumbai, Pune, Mehsana, Sidhpur, Palanpur, Gandhinagar, Nadiad, Anand, Kutch, Ankleshwar, Dahej, Bharuch, Vapi, Valsad, Junagadh, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hubli, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Pan India basis.


What we Offer?

addwise is an Approved Training Partner with FOSTAC and adwise has completed more than 50 training for various Modules of FOSTAC.

  • Competent, Effective and Best Trainers
  • One to One & personal attention rather than pure professional approach.
  • Excellent back office support for participant registration, admit card, certificate generation etc.
  • Proper time management during training
  • FoSTAC Approved Trainers and Evaluators
  • We don’t make participants follow up for their certificates.
  • Best Client services for LIFE TIME not only up to training completion.
  • Hence 100% client satisfactions at all the times.
  • Confidentiality is strictly maintained during and after training.


List of FOSTAC Trainings Conducted for

Cargill India, Maize Start, Sayaji Group, Havmor Ice Cream, Ishaan Bio, Hindustan Gum etc.

Please feel free to email us on to get full client list.


What FOSTAC Trainings are offered by addwise ?

addwise offers following FOSTAC trainings for food industry


Training   Topic

Man   Days

Max.   Participants


Food Safety Supervisor-Advance-Level-2-Advance

(1) Catering

(2) Manufacturing / Processing,

(3) Storage & Transport, and

(5) Retail & Distribution




Food Safety Supervisor-Advance-Level-2-Special

(1) Milk & Milk Products,

(2) Meat & Poultry,

(3) Fish & Sea Food,

(4) Packaged Water,

(5) Bakery (Level 1),

(6) Bakery (Level 2),

(7) Edible Oil and Fat,

(8) Health Supplement



How to apply for FSSAI FoSTaC Training & Certification?

  1. You can enroll with us individually by sending email enquiry to us on for Open-house programs as per FOSTAC training schedule.
  2. Organisation may arrange FOSTAC training in-house at their premises. Please share your requirements on to get a commercial offer. Min 10-15 participants required for in-house training. We shall then arrange FoSTAC Approved Trainer to deliver training at your premise.

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