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Covid19 Risk Assessment-Food Industry

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  • How to re-start operations ?
  • What is to be done to ensure self, employees, visitors, suppliers, contract labours health and keep them safe ?
  • How to re-gain trust of stakeholders and of same customers ?
  • What is to be done first and what sequence of activity to perform, to ensure safe working environment ?
  • These questions would be roaming in the minds of Every business owner. Top priority for all businesses in these pandemic circumstances is to get back to normalisation without compromising their employees, clients, customers & partners’ health & safety.Besides, there have been numerous referral guidelines published and laid out by international & local governing bodies such as WHO, CDC, EFSA, USFDA or MHA from Government of India, FSSAI Food Safety Standard Authority of India, Ayush Guidelines. Moreover, there are guidelines from BRCGS, FSSC22000, IFS etc. etc. on high level of personal hygiene, stringent social distancing and validated cleaning and sanitation protocols.Which guidelines to follow? Which is most appropriate guideline for my business infrastructure and practices?


  • Food Processing, Beverage Manufacturing, Agro Processing Units, Spice Industries, Oils & Fats, Dairy Products, Drinking water & Beverages, Food Additive, Food Colour, Food Flavour – All kinds of Food and Beverage Manufacturing Establishments
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Storage, Warehouse and Transportation service for Food & Beverages
  • Food & Beverage Service Establishment – Hotels, Restaurants, Food Chains, Banquets, Delivery & takeaway Outlets
  • Packaging Manufacturers supplying primary, secondary, tertiary packaging to food & food service industries.

With addwise expertise in Post Operational RISK ASSESSMENT, assure your stakeholders & customers of your SAFE n SECURE infrastructure for your business continuity.

addwise approach conducting RISK ASSESSMENT on COVID19?

  • Evaluate each and every activities of the organisation and Identified the Expected Exposures form incoming, process and outgoing of man & material, touch points, behavioural habit issues etc. – probability and severity based complete assessment to break chain Covid19 Spread along with How to mitigate and control the expected exposures based on proven Risk Prioritisation methods.
  • Personal hygiene practices and its training presentations
  • Cleaning, Sanitation and Disinfection of the facility, equipment, touch points by what chemicals and their concentration and method.
  • Type of trainings required to different personals within organisation with ready presentations.
  • Types of the resource (infrastructure modification) required to mitigate the risk of COVID 19 – by virtual assessment
  • Operational planning and sequencing, staffing, manpower placements for physical distancing.
  • COVID 19 Emergency Response plan customise to your facility and operations.

addwise Deliverables on Covid19 RISK ASSESSMENT:

  • Detailed Report of customise Risk Assessment considering your operations, facility, product and people involved.
  • Developing plan, policies and method of Implementing Mitigation Plan- Checklist, Policies, Staffing, Sequencing, assigning responsibilities, allocating resources etc.
  • Handholding in Implementing Mitigation Plans, Policies.
  • Follow-up for review of implemented plan, policies and if necessary amend strategy for deploying corrected measures

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