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KOSHER Certification is Jewish religious certification. Kosher Certification is primarily product certification for food product. Food Safety Certification KOSHER Certification for FOOD product is mainly pertaining to consumption practise followed by Jewish community of Israel.

KOSHER Certification is demanded majorly in US markets where Jewish populations is quite spread. KOSHER Certification is mandatory for food products exported to USA, Israel, EUROPE and other major markets where jewish personnel spread.

KOSHER Certification aims at avoiding cross contamination of certain type food products such as Milk, Mean, Fish, Oil, Essential Oil etc.

KOSHER Certification is mandatory certification for any food products being exported to USA, EUROPE and other major markets.

There are various certification agencies operating in India and abroad providing assessment against KOSHER Certification criteria and Auditors are called Rabbi. To name a few Orthodox Union (OU), JK Kosher, OK Kosher, StarK. All these KOSHER Certification agencies are belongs to and approved by ISRAEL.

Product evaluated and approved  for KOSHER Certification must bear K logo as Kosher Certification Symbol on food product.

KOSHER Certification being Food Product Certification all ingredients used to manufacture and sale retail food product must be KOSHER Certified. e.g. Sugar used in ICECREAM. To certifiy ICECREAM as Kosher Certified all ingredients including Sugar and other must be KOSHER Certified.

addwise is an approved KOSHER Certification Consultant to help Food Industries assess and obtain KOSHER Certification from Reputed KOSHER CERTIFICATION agencies.

addwise can train Food Industry on KOSHER Certification requirements and help obtain KOSHER Certification.

How addwise can help you ?

addwise can help you obtain fast, easy and cost effective Kosher Certification from reputed Israel based Kosher Certification Agencies.

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